Celebrating 80 years with our customers 1931 – 2011

Four generations of the Clayton family have run the butcher shop at 271 Mill Point Road, South Perth. It is rare for any business to still be operating after 80 years, so this is also a testament to generations of South Perth families who have supported us.

It all started in 1931 when Jim Clayton quit his job as a mounted policeman, left Northampton and bought the butcher shop. After six weeks training, Jim was a butcher. In the early days Jim used a horse and cart to collect the meat from the Perth markets. The horse was stabled at the rear of the family home next to the shop. By the time his son (Jim junior) started they could afford a truck.

Jim jnr started a more extensive apprenticeship in 1938. Jim returned from the Second World War to a wife, young toddler (Geoff), the family home and the family business.

As Geoff grew up next door to the shop, he helped out by delivering meat orders on his bicycle. At the end of every week he would take the left over meat to the Chinese vegetable gardeners, who lived along the South Perth foreshore, and swap them for a box of vegetables.

Geoff started his formal training in 1956 along side Jim jnr. Shortly after completing his apprenticeship, Geoff was left to run the family business after the sudden death of his father. He ran the shop over the next 19 years with a number of staff until finally his son was old enough to start his apprenticeship.

Trevor became the next generation of Clayton sons to learn the trade from his father starting in 1979.

Many of our customers no longer live in South Perth but still shop with us just as their mothers and grandmothers did.

We appreciate your business and fully understand it is not just the quality of our produce but how we treat you on every visit that will keep you coming back.